Bushmaster AR-15 Christmas Gift Of 2012

Now we know why all the $1000 Bushmaster AR15s sold out last week.  Christmas gifts!

True. Sandy Hook kids and the fireman killer William Spengler used the Bushmaster .223 caliber with 60-round clips

But it seems rather than make people fearful of the lethal device many went out and bought all 'they' had in gun stores and gave them to loved ones for Christmas.

How does the Angle know? Twitter. Grinning from ear-to-ear new Bushmaster assault rifle gift receivers quickly posted photos of themselves standing next to their Christmas trees aiming their brand-new assault rifles at the ceiling.

Brownell munitions supplier began apologizing to the newbie Bushmaster brandishers because though they got the rifle, many will be lacking the high volume clips and ammo that go with them.

Not to worry, Brownell is hustling hiring overtime workers to get the clips and bullets to customers ASAP.

Oddly these are the jobs Obama promised to make. Or did he?

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