Sex Crazed Singles At Florida Seniors Center

Sex sells. Over 30% of the web is about porn. Both men and women search for it about 90% of the time. Should all this end when you get old?

Is there room for people over age 70 to publicly pose in clothed gymnastic sexual positions?  Or is that a genitalia too far.'s motto is 'Do It Safely'. 

The website has a video depicting old folks in Kama Sutra sex positions designed to stave off a shocking 71% rise in STDs among sexually-active seniors in Florida.

Akila Gibbs of the Pasadena Senior Center said 'I think it looks like they're making fun of seniors, more than they're educating them.'

Apparently the effort is not a hit with the young on Twitter and Facebook. Lets face it, who wants to picture grandma being mounted from behind by a guy in a Hawaiian shirt that looks like he was on the USS Arizona DURING the Pearl Harbor attack!

Well, most of us would not deny old timers the same thrills in their golden years they likely had in their youth. But we can do without the visuals. Especially if you look worse bent over than you do standing up.

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