Best Christmas Card Of 2012

The best Christmas card of 2012 may be the one pictured left.  In one child-like gesture the little girl sums up what most think of Obama's reelection.

The twins got all dolled up and went in for the pro treatment on December 6.  Just one day before Pearl Harbor day.  And one of the twins gave the world the gesture of the season.

Of course the innocent thing wasn't flipping off the hapless photographer.  No, no, no, no, oh no.

The unnamed princess had an 'ouchie' on the tip of that special digit.  And she picked the moment of the camera flash to make the gesture heard 'round the internet to point it out.  The camera next caught her turning to Santa insisting the injury was surely there.

Still, it's a special moment. Twenty-years from now when the little girl is grown and plopping her own toddler on a Santa's lap Grandma will be waiting pensively nearby hoping the behavior isn't genetic and ready to spring again.

And so it goes...

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