Jeffrey Dahmer Walking Tour Sells Out

The cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer was himself bludgeoned to death with a broomstick handle by fellow prison inmate Christopher Scarver.

Anyone shedding a tear?

A Dahmer rubber-neckers tour has been organized by a souless sales hack in Milwaukee.  The tour traces the haunts Dahmer frequented to find his victims.

Janie Hagen's 25-year-old brother Richard Guerrero was Dahmer's 4th victim of the 17 in total known. The tour naturally pisses her off.

The first four customer ghouls took the tour listening intently as a tour guide rattled off victim's names. Victims Dahmer met at each location along with infinite sexual details and gory illustrations of the each murder in sequence.

Dahmer was an extra viscous killer. Not content to just kill.   He also raped, tortured, dismembered, drank blood (necrophilia), and cannibalized each hapless human storing part of many in his freezer.

Luckily Dahmer's apartment building has been demolished.  Otherwise the 'customers' would have likely wanted to eat their lunch on the same counter-tops Dahmer used.

The evil are better remembered than those who do good.  A testament to human nature.

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