Apple Female Users Frump Factor

Apple products are an appliance not a tool. Apple users are a cult-like crew who swallowed Steve Jobs' koolaide. And now yearn for more.

Apple made a composite of their girl users 'farming' data from Facebook.  The company has verified what most of us suspected all along.

Apple's estrogen-set are an amalgam.  Find them perched near like-festooned friends.  A cackle of freckled, bespectacled, jean-wearing, camisole topped, Nike soled, stringy haired, 'tweenty' year-old toadies pecking on MacBooks.

In sum they are not technical, middle class, conforming, ill-informed, left-leaning, global warming, pro-abortion guilters who likely voted for Obama.

Easy pickings for the company founded by a philandering billionaire over-achiever who died young because his ego drove him to ignore timely and critical medical advise.

Here Comes iPhone 6