Tesla: Battery Flaw Turns Roadster Into A 'Brick'

Electric cars are a 21st Century snake oil scam.

The GM Volt is a failure.  And proof electrics pollute more than gas cars. Tesla thinks their 'toy' is tops.

A Tesla secret tries to hide a 'severe design' flaw that affect all models.

When the battery becomes totally discharged Tesla says the car becomes a 'brick.'  At that point, the car can't be started or even pushed down the street.

The company remedy is a $40,000 replacement of the entire battery done only at the factory.

Oddly, neither Tesla, nor any insurance company will make warranty or pay for the replacement. Tesla has naturally downplayed flaw. The company GPS tracks owners to 'catch' them pushing their battery-dead cars into a driveways.

But hey, it's only $140k - chump change.

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