Android Phone Controlled Toilet

The Japanese were bathing centuries before Europeans.  Heck, they still take off their shoes before entering a house.  So it makes sense the Japanese would be first to bring a toilet that washes your butt AND tests your poop for problems in the same sit-down.

The phrase 'a solution looking for a problem' best describes the Lixil toilet.

The user can flush and lower the lid from an Android smart phone.  Even more bizarre, the toilet is equipped with a bio-lab for sampling doodoo and peepee in realtime.

Don't be shocked to learn the microprocessor-laden crapper keeps track of user music choices, squirting-water jets, and utility bills.

Warning: This is one appliance you had better read and understand EVERY WORD and ponder EVERY ILLUSTRATION in the User Manual before sitting your narrow ass down!

In the end, the Japanese apparently have run out of things to do.  Next look for web sex so you don't have to be there yourself - you can just phone it in.