Science Solves Sleeping Male Syndrome

Why do men nod off after sex?  The question has plagued woman-kind since cave days.  Well, now we know.

Neuroscientist Serge Stoleru head of research for Inserm says, ‘...after men have an orgasm they usually experience a refractory period (excitement lapse) when they cannot be aroused...for women it seems to be different...[they lack]  a refractory period and may be asking for more when their partners just want a rest.’

Okay get out the Nobel; hurry before Serge falls asleep! The first complaint women have is being left behind, awake, undone. Some women even interpret the snooze reaction to full frontal rejection leaving THEM feeling somehow inadequate. So what gives?

Serge quickly adds that men get flooded with prolactin (zaps dopamine wiping out arousal) and serotonin (anti depressant). Earlier research pinpointed a blood rush after orgasm depleting the muscles of energy-producing glycogen. Since men have higher muscle density, they become extra tired after sex. You now - limp.

This information can be used in a couple of ways.  First, women can give themselves a break since the chemical culprit is to blame not the extra work needed to fire her up.  Second, men should apologize ahead of time, after all, it's gonna happen anyway so might as well clear the path to guilt-free slumber.

So, men get to sleep guilt-free and women still get to lay awake wondering why they bother at all.