Firing Obama For Failure, Folly And Fibbing

The clock is in the final half of the final quarter of the final game in election USA 2012.

If Obama is reelected voters prove they are mass morons.  If Obama loses voters prove they are geniuses able to overcome a determined liberal press and a billion buck Obama campaign trying to revise history right in front of them.

Lets review.  The economy crashed due to the subprime crises created during the Clinton administration.  Dodd blocked Bush's bill to reform Fannie Mae in 2005 designed to stop the bleed.

Obama takes office blaming Bush for the debacle and promises to 'fix' the whole thing.  Obama's answer? Accelerate debt spending and wipe out private medical care in the USA.  Obama's ten legacy truths:
  1. 1 in 5 working age males are jobless.
  2. Bush opened drilling leaving Obama with $1.83 gas. Despite the GDP at 1% gas is $3.90.
  3. 1 in 7 on food stamps.  Incomes fallen a staggering 20%.
  4. Bush era saw 90% of college grads find work.  Less than 50% of college kids can do that now.
  5. 1 in 4 homeowners are underwater.  20 million are now former homeowners.
  6. Obama added $6 trillion to debt - 4 straight record $1 trillion deficits - $290k per person under 18.
  7. Poverty has risen to 20%. An astonishing 30% of blacks are poor.Welfare spending has doubled.
  8. Just under 100 million working age adults have left job market.  Real jobless rate 12%.
  9. An Ambassador dead and a border agent dead due to nefarious mismanagement under Obama.
  10. Green Nazis are doubling energy costs. Wasted taxpayer billions on social ventures now bankrupt.
Will there be a fork in the road or a fork in the eye?  The answer just hours away...standby.

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