Lethal Leopard Loose In Nepal

A man killing leopard is feasting mainly on kids in a remote area of Nepal.  Once big cats get a taste of salty human flesh they develop a preference for little else.

The severed head of a 4-year-old boy was found a mile and a half from his home this morning, said Kamal Prasad Kharel, police chief of the Baitadi district near Katmandu.

Kamal says possibly two leopards are hunting together in a manner reminiscent of the famous lion pair depicted in the movie 'The Ghost And The Darkness.' Over 130 fell victim  over a 9-month period in East Africa.

The boy is the 15th victim so far. The actual death toll is likely higher says Kamal because others in nearby villages have also been found wholly or partially devoured.

The leopard or leopards attack, kill, and drag the victim into the forest to feast. Kids are their favorite target because they are easily rundown and quickly eaten.  Adults are larger and take longer to eat so just 20% of the human take so far are older than ten.

Leopards are protected in Nepal. Hunting and killing these man eaters can only be done under special permission and even then they must be caught nearly in the act in order to establish the leopards killed are the ones eating people.

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