Man Loses Penis In Circumcision Surgery

Phillip Seaton went to a Kentucky hospital in October 2007 for a routine circumcision. When he woke up, his penis was gone.

Dr. Patterson said the organ needed to be removed because he detected cancer. Tests later confirmed Phillip Seaton had squamous cell carcinoma. A deadly cancer.

Seaton is sore, he is suing. Dr. Patterson didn’t consult with them before removing Phillip’s penis, so Seaton is suing for damages, citing a “loss of service, love and affection".

“While it is unfortunate that he developed this cancer, it is both unfair and unreasonable to blame a physician for providing what was appropriate and necessary care for his condition,” Patterson wrote in a statement released after the surgery.

Erythroplasia of Queyrat is the technical name for cancer of the penis. It arises from an STD (sexually transmitted disease) caused by the HPV virus, and is preventable given hygienic behaviors. Most penis cancer is in Africa, and South America. The survival rate varies dependent on the stage of the disease.

The doctor was right, let Mr. Seaton pee like a woman now, and buy his wife a toy.

Jury Sides With Dr. Patterson On Cut-The-Penis-Off Decision