Supreme Court Rules On Gay Marriage

Under the US Constitution marriage is a State level domain.  But these days the States are under assault.

All of it by design.  The left-wingers figured out that if they can wipe out State control and run everything from DC they can imprint their jack-boots on society faster.  And that's EXACTLY what's happening.

SCOTUS is ruling on whether they will rule on gay marriage.  If they take on the issue, it will mean not just deciding whether States no longer define and license marriage.  The larger implication more insidious is yet more eroding of State's Rights.

If gay radicals win they accelerate eroding the US constitution.  If the court refuses to rule on the issue then gay marriage stooges will be forced back to the States and local voting.

In time gay marriage may become pervasive.

Church and State do not mix.   The Angle would like to see marriage taken out of both State and/or federal control and replaced with a license for civil unions.  While Atheists keep the courts busy with 'God' lawsuits the larger problem of government sanctioning marriage hides in plain site.

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