Policewoman Fires On Man With Lego Gun

A man with diminished mental capacity (a retard) was standing on a sidewalk in Cottage Lake, WA waving a toy gun made of legos at passing cars.

Someone called 911.

“The first deputy arrived minutes later and the man ignored her commands. When the man pulled the handgun from his waistband and raised it, the deputy fired about 25 yards away,” Deputy Charlie Akers told local media.  The policewoman has been placed on administrative leave.

The man has had prior encounters with the cops.  He's a resident in a nearby group home and “has a fascination with (toy) guns.”   Gee, ya think maybe they would recognize the guy in a small town and maybe zap him with a non-lethal device first?

Akers added, “Because of his mental capacity, my guess is he will not be charged with anything.”

Why are the cops not tasing a guy like this first?  Anyone care 'Charlie Gordon' is already childlike and obviously can't tell the difference between his shoelaces and a hairball.

Now 'Charlie' is laying in a hospital bed with his arms and penis hooked up to a tangle of tubes.  C'mon folks are we at a point where we let the cops shoot mental patients now?  Then deflect with a statement like 'my guess is he will not be charged.'

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