Two Guys Beat Monkey To Death In Zoo

Breaking News: Man, 22, Arrested In Monkey Beating Death

Two males dressed in black clothes were spotted by a security guard at 4.30 am outside the fence near the primate house at the Boise zoo.

Zoo director Steve Burns found the 2 foot tall, 30 pound Patas monkey laying in a pool of blood near the perimeter fence moaning faintly. Zoo vets were called from their homes.  Sadly, the small primate died as it was being examined just before 6 am.

Police were summoned to investigate.  An infrared scan of the 11-acre facility failed to locate the perps.

Zoo staff are shaken and upset. The dead monkey was part of a pair transferred from Florida about three years ago.  The staff had become attached to the animals.

'It's very disturbing that someone would intentionally break into the zoo and harm an animal,' said Sgt. Ted Snyder of the Boise Police. 'We're doing all we can to find who did this.'

What kind of rage would motivate a pair to dress up in burglar clothes and target a defenseless monkey in a zoo cage?  True, humans are far more brutal and savage to each other.  But this small monkey pissed someone off to the point of beating it to death why again?

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