Meat Eaters Prone To Crime And Corruption

Vegans are a rowdy and pretentious bunch.

The same arrogant presumptive personality defects that cripple left-wingers are reflected in Vegans at large.

PETA is filled with vegans, for example.  The oft outrageous claims weenies at PETA make are part attention craving and part disdain PETA followers have for people in general.

The open hatred Vegans have for meat eaters is being played out in India where beef critters are revered as gods and allowed to defecate freely anywhere they want unfettered.  Vegans in India are a serious almost militant crew willing to openly brainwash the young when it comes to the practice and necessity of eating red meat.

An Indian textbook for grade-schoolers contains the following meat-eater charge: Non vegetarians ‘easily cheat, tell lies, they forget promises, they are dishonest and tell bad words, steal, fight and turn to violence and commit sex crimes’.

The book goes on to praise the Japanese for their diets neatly leaving out the part about Japanese fish consumption.  The book even dictates to the kids at what age girls should marry - 18 to 25.

Sounds like the Indians are copying American schools. Shoveling disturbing propaganda out to impressionable kids presumably to twist their world-view for later in life.  And when the Indian culture turns malignant as it has in the USA one need not look far for the cause.