Obamacare Wiping Out Fast Food Workers

GBigs Angle told you jobless reports were rigged by Obama.  Post election new jobless claims jumped 78,000 to 440,000!

The full blossoming of Obamacare's impact on business and States, especially hitting low-rung employees working at fast-food joints.

Denny's is heading off the 2014 impact by hiking prices now and cutting workers and worker hours.  Watch each major chain follow quickly.

States will make their make or break decision on Obamacare next year.  States that opt to implement Obamacare will become a dumping ground for the poor and lose most of their doctors fleeing treating the poor for a tiny government dictated fee.

States choosing to stay out of the mess will be a magnet for doctors and patients who want higher quality medical care free of waiting lines filled with huddled masses.

In the meantime, each company (like Denny's) will counter both insurmountable costs associated with Obamacare and the endless fire-hose of business killing regulations coming out of the Whitehouse with firings, slashed work hours and price hikes.

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