Black Friday Lines Forming

This little story is a repeat of the holiday spectacle from last year.  The skitterish obese, brain-dead, inner-city and trailer-park types trading line-time for cheap goods.

Black Friday is when retailers are presumed to finally make a buck above the red-ink trail of year long losses and taxes.

The sidewalk jockeys sniff a chance to camp out and reserve a spot in a sardonic display of 'our life is so pathetic we have nothing better to do than to setup a lawn chair and a beer cooler and wait a week for a $10 off flat screen TV.'

And what would these idiots do once they land one of these likely breaks-in-a-week TV's they got sleeping on a retailer's sidewalk?

The blubber masses hurriedly cart the worthless pieces of junk back to their hovels. And mount the catch on table covered in cat poop.  Then they plop their fat fannies in a jelly-stained chair and stare in catatonic stupor watching reruns of Oprah and Cops.

Remember most of these people voted for Obama in order to keep their crud-crusted shag-carpeted living rooms filled with cheap junk and ensure an unending stream of pizza sure to clog major arteries.   Not to worry, another line awaits at the Obamacare free clinics when insulin bags line the hallways.

Thanksgiving and Christmas in America 2012, folks.

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