Harry Reid Blows Snot Bubbles At Mitt Romney

The sole reason the midterms did not produce progress on jobs and spending cuts falls in large part on the most disgusting, bitter, and partisan puke to ever wear the title Senate Majority Leader.

Before Mitt Romney has even won the election Harry Reid is firing shots at his presidency.

Today the sinister sniping slacker from Searchlight said: “Mitt Romney’s fantasy that Senate Democrats will work with him to pass his ‘severely conservative’ agenda is laughable."

Swell. But when Reid gets bitch-slapped by voters along with Obama in two days Reid's threat will be moot.. Reid will be strapped to a high-chair like Nancy Pelosi found herself in after the midterms without majority power or influence. And the soiled memory of Reid's assault on the will of the people will fade rapidly into the trash bin of American history.

Reid is an idiot of course. Just because a bunch of SEIU goons in Nevada put him back into office doesn't mean Reid has a right to hold the country hostage. But since Reid is a tiny minded, nasty, near-sighted, grey headed, jowly, childish old codger who chooses to abuse rather than use power for the greater good he gets ignored.

Sit there Harry. You have been at war with the public since you entered office a million years ago. Given past performance did any of us expect different from the sour-grapes geezer anyway?

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