Warning: Grocery Bag Norovirus Killing Kids

Surprise! The quest to rid the planet of plastic grocery bags is killing schoolkids.

California cities are rushing to ban plastic and even single-use paper grocery bags.  Shoppers are forced to buy and reuse cloth bags. The bags are loaded and reloaded with combinations of wet and dry goods.  And later put onto eating surfaces in the kitchen.

Over time handling the bags with dirty hands and transporting them in bacteria laden cars compounds the problem.  Washing the thick canvas bags is a hassle.  The bags become havens for Norovirus, E. Coli, Salmonella, and Fecal Coliform.

Over 21 million acute cases of gastroenteritis from Norovirus lead to the deaths of 200,000 kids each year!

Obama's green agenda is a green nightmare.  So when the CDC updated it's website recently warning of infectious diseases they gleefully and purposefully left out reference to the reusable grocery bag problem.  Why?  Oh.  That would cast a pall over the rush to get rid of plastic bags.

But that is patently irresponsible and yet another example of how the green goonies knee-jerks hurt people.

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