Top Ten Rabies Carriers

Most people are aware that rabies is a virus.  The disease is transmitted in the saliva of a bite. Once infected the only 'cure' is a set of five abdominal injections over a 28 day period. Sans the shots, you die!

Some guess rabid animals don't die from the disease.  In fact, they do - usually out of our site.  Ever heard of the ferocious mad dog with dripping mouth, crazy, jerking, convulsed and deranged stare?  Don't pet that one.

A popular myth assumes rabies are mainly carried by bats. Not true.  Sure bats do carry the disease but bats eat insects not people or house pets.

The real risk comes from these ten forest and field dwelling mammals.  The top ten are mountain lions, bobcats, racoons, chipmunks, rabbits, coyotes, squirrels, mice, and skunks.

If you are dumb enough to feed a squirrel by hand welcome to a big fat rabies risk.  Squirrels have poor eyesight and will bite your finger mistaking it for a peanut - they are extremely near-sighted!

Usually people don't get rabies from the listed denizens directly.  A pet dog or cat tangling or playing with an infected raccoon or skunk is the perfect way an unsuspecting owner gets nailed.

Forewarned is forearmed.  Teach your kids not to touch.  And watch your pets closely.  Rabies is real and waiting to jump out and bite you.

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