Flu Shot Heart Attack Risk

Dr Jacob Udell, cardiologist at Women’s College Hospital Toronto University notes: ‘The use of [flu] vaccine is still much too low, less than 50% of the general population.'

Yet Udell and his team found that an annual flu shot can reduce the risk of both a heart attack by 50% and cardiac death by 40%.

Udell and his team looked at published clinical trials dating back to the 1960s. Some 3,227 patients reflected an equal split between patients with and without established heart disease.

The ravages of the flu can 'tip' a person with heart disease over the edge. Flu produces a range of symptoms that stress the body, especially the heart. If you are walking around with clogged arteries the last flu you get may be the last thing you see.  

Over 60 or with a known history of hypertension you are admonished to get a flu shot annually.  Pregnant or have asthma you too - so quit screwing around. Get the shot!

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