Camden Officially Poorest City In USA

Michelle Obama wants to ignore millions of homeless now wandering the urban underbelly.

Sure, there have always been homeless. We once called them hobos, bums, tramps, beggars, drifters, vagabonds and street people.   But while Obama wants to blame others, the tragedy has grown to record levels.

Over half of Detroit's population is poor and living among the ruins of a city once famous for making cars and music.  In Camden the scourge is even worse.  Camden wins the title of most impoverished city.   The 'official' jobless rate is 9.9% but the actual number of people without work is way over 20%.

Like Detroit, Camden looks like Dresden after the fire-bombings. Only the structures are filled with people who would be dead from starvation were it not for the red ink spending on food programs.  Camden has no tax base, not with half the city wandering the streets and the other half with jobs that lack the income to pay taxes.

After four years of failed economic policy under Obama the Camden disaster is a nationwide phenomenon.  Every city has homeless and blight spreading ever more far and wide.  Bernanke's money printing does not trickle down to these people.  And Michelle Obama says they don't exist.

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