Chevy Dealership Calls Cops On Customer

Oh man is it ever sweet when a car dealership slips over it's own sleaze.  And when Priority Chevrolet in Chesapeake, VA got a customer arrested because he got a good deal, well, let's repeat - karma is a bitch!

After test driving a blue Chevy Traverse Danny Sawyer signed a contract and drove off the lot in a black SUV.  The next day he went back to the dealership and asked to swap for the blue one instead. 

Here's where it gets fun. Sawyer says Wib Davenport, the sales manager, agreed to the swap without telling him the blue Traverse would cost more. Oddly the final contract Sawyer signed did not reflect a higher price. The president of the dealership says the whole thing is a clerical error!

Sawyer left for a week-long vacation and when he returned home he found a ton of voicemails and a letter from the dealership. Wib Davenport was panicked. Davenport wants Sawyer, of course, to sign a new contract and pay another $5,600 for the car he already bought.

When Sawyer ignored the calls Priority staff called the cops. Sawyer was arrested and spent four hours in jail. The Commonwealth's attorney dropped the charges after doing a little discovery work. But the damage was done. Sawyer is suing for $2.2 million.

Now the president of the dealership, Dennis Elmer is groveling. At first Elmer said Sawyer was in error and did not believe anyone at his business called the cops. Elmer has since recanted all of that and now wants to 'let' Sawyer keep his car and not pay the difference. Ehhh - no cigar Dennis.

Sawyer's lawyer says it's swell Mr. Elmer now admits his staff screwed up but that hardly makes up for the 'pain and suffering' endured during the arrest, booking and jailing ordeal.

Perhaps Mr. Elmer would like to try on the handcuffs and take a seat in a cell for a few hours as a 'test drive' too? Anyone want to bet that doesn't happen?   Looks like Wib Davenport is gonna be selling used 'Cheebeez' in Tijuana Mexico now.

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