Portland Parents Sue For 'wrongful birth'

Four years ago Ariel and Deborah Levy were pretty jazzed when their daughter was born. But soon after the little girl's first blood test - trouble.

Newborn Kalanit had Down's syndrome.

Deborah did have the prenatal test for Down's syndrome - chorionic villus sampling. The tests results were 'normal' - no Down's syndrome.

After raising little Kalanit for four years, the couple are suing Legacy's Center for Maternal-Fetal Medicine for allegedly blowing the tests.

The suit alleges had they known Kalanit was Down's syndrome, they would have aborted her. And now they want Legacy to pay for the added cost and anxiety of being 'stuck' with a special needs kid - $3 million.

The trial is locked down, no photos of the couple. Many view them as heartless blamers. The couple admit openly they would have 'selected' Kalanit for an abortion. Fully 89% of parents who test positive for Down syndrome do exactly that.

Looking closer, this thing is a tragedy for all concerned. The couple already had a pair of sons, normal, intelligent, and achieving. The daughter was not a planned pregnancy - Deborah was already 34 and had the CVS test done quickly.

A 'wrongful birth' win by this couple would certainly cast a brand new chill over medicine.  Second guessing fickle parents over prenatal test results will be a trial lawyers wet dream.

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