Chinese Cook Caught Cooking Roadkill

The Chinese eatery that wheeled-in, butchered, prepared to shred and serve a deer killed on a nearby highway is not in China.

Patrons dining at the Red Flower Restaurant in Williamsburg, Kentucky were put off their birds nest soup as they watched the owner's son pushing a deer carcass through the dining room in a rubber can with castor wheels.  The telltale antler, tail, and hooves poked over the top and the leaking vessel left a trail of blood on the floor.

One quick acting customer called the health department.  Soon the inspector arrived and an interrogation took place. The restaurant owner told the health official he was not aware of any restriction regarding roadkill!

The Red Flower is closed, for now.  The health department says they can reopen once they pass a secondary inspection verifying the dead stag has been removed, and the premises cleaned of blood trails and hide.

Patrons present were naturally reacting poorly.  Most never to return.  The inspector wondered out loud whether roadkill had been served in the past to unaware Kung Pao customers.  What's your best guess Gandalf?

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