China Coal Pollution Covers California

China is happy to burn coal.  And Obama is doing everything he can to make sure China burns as much of US coal as possible.

China has been building a new coal fired energy plant per week for several years. China gets 80% of electricity and 70% its total energy from coal, much of it polluting high-sulfur coal.

The irony stinks. The obvious place to burn the coal is where the best technology for pollution control and filtration exists - the USA.  A truism lost on the incompetent Obama regime.

While California deludes itself regarding fossil fuels China is packing their rear-ends with really dirty air.  Also ironic is how California tech companies contribute to China's pollution using Chinese factories to build their products.

Recent data collected by UC Berkeley bears out what many have suspected for years.  Just as nuclear tainted materials from Fukushima continues to wash up on California shores, likewise, air pollution from China has increased in concordance with the growth of China's industrial might.

The lesson is simple.  California can't legislate Chinese energy policy and Obama's effort to kill coal in the USA is backfiring horribly.  Is anyone really surprised?

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