3-D Tarantula Tattoo Not For The Timid

Remember men have a double standard when it comes to tattoos.  Dudes don't like them on women, especially a winged Harley-Davidson logo spread wide above her ass-crack.  The tramp-stamp is a billboard to an STD.

But guys are good with garnishing their own dermis with horrifying inked images.  Art?  Well if roadkill is art then this crap qualifies.

Check the 3-D crawly creature left.  The orange 8-legger is on the forearm of a jobless felon, no doubt.  But if by some miracle he has a job he's hiding this one under long sleeves all day.

Imagine reaching down to pick up a todler with a short sleeve shirt on  The kid would be traumatized for life.  And so is the Angle.

There are also screw-loose goofs etching permanent wound images replete with sutures, blood, puss and needles dangling.  And even certified crazies bearing terminator-like rods and pistons behind skin-ripping reveals.

The male body is pretty boring, agreed.  So maybe these guys have a point - how about an all body tat depicting skin-bubbling-melting-popping burns from a nuclear blast?  What?  It's been done?  Dern it...

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