Budweiser Casket Bottles Bar Fly

Sometimes what you do in life should be left behind when you die.  One of those is drinking cheap domestic beer and arranging to be buried in one of the cans you consumed at Jelly's Bar & Grill.

Leon Wesley, deceased at 71 was never without a red cup of 'Bud' and a cigarette hanging out the corner of his mouth clunking around Maringouin, Louisiana for the past 35 years.

Among his varied talents, Leon had a scraggly beard and earned the nickname 'Bin Laden' for looking a bit like the dead terrorist. Another 'gift' was placing a foot behind his head. Beer, cigs and foot-head tricks - these would have been enough for anyone to be remembered by but Leon wanted more.

The beer-bo ordered up a full-fledged casket emblazoned with Budweiser logos and his name planted on the side. It's a good thing Leon is already dead, the embarrassment would have killed him otherwise.

The lesson on this one is already lost on Leon. Do not get buried in one of your bad habits, remember, some people may actually want to attend your funeral. And the extra money for the special paint job might have a better use left behind, doncha think?

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