Bernanke QE Return Of Nazi Counterfeit Ring

The Nazi SS hatched a scheme to destroy the British economy flooding the world with counterfeit Bank of England £5, £10, £20, and £50 notes. 

Begun in 1942, Nazi Operation Bernhard forced 142 Jewish specialists taken from holocaust camps to get the job done.

Jews engraved complex printing plates, developing rag-based paper with perfected watermarks, and broke the code to generate valid serial numbers all considered an impossible feat. By April 1945 Jewish prisoners had produced 8,965,080 banknotes valued at £134,610,810. The Bank Of England had to withdraw all notes above £5 until the late 1950s due to the undetectability of the funny money.

After succeeding with British pounds, the SS had the Jews make US Dollars. A $100 one-sided bill was perfected by April 1945, but luckily too late in the war to be produced in quantity and distributed.

Sound familiar?  The idea was based in solid economic theory, diluting the money supply produces inflation which, if large enough, collapses the currency and ultimately the economy.

The US Federal Reserve QE is exactly the same thing under Obama's weak dollar policy.  Printing dollars, diluting the currency, and possibly collapsing the currency under crushing inflation.  The difference?

Bernanke is doing it legally with bona fide currency.  The Nazi's of course made counterfeit money ironically made by Jews to a degree unmatched in bogus-currency history.  Real or counterfeit - the end result is the same.