Bottle Feeding Babies Banned By Bloomberg

Some think making parallels with the dictatorial edicts of Adolf Hitler is a lot like using the race card.  Call it the Adolf card if you want, but NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg is turning NYC into Berlin 1938.

First the sugary soda ban issued by the wannabe fascist.  Some may say why not ban Coca-Cola given the obesity epidemic.  The question is not whether Mikee has it right on health, no, no, no.  The issue is WHY IS BLOOMBERG MAKING THAT CALL AS A MAYOR?

Hitler also failed to coerce an 'uber society' dictating from the seat of government power, and so will Mike.

Next we get the Hitleresque whining about guns.  Though the Nazi's specifically restricted Jews from having a gun, Bloomberg wants everyone to have their guns taken. The goofy mayor is calling on cops nationwide to go on strike until gun owners turn in their weapons.  Mikee seems really confused on this one, because if law-abiding citizens turned in their guns, only the cops and killers would have them.  And that would be bad, wouldn't it? 

Today the nanny-mayor is going after breast feeding formula.  Herr Hitlerbloom seems obsessed with applying his personal values to wider society.  You know, just like Adolf.

Obviously Bloomberg, who insists on being called Michael, has more than one screw loose.  Imagine this weenie moving to even higher office?  Wait, we sorta have that in Obama already, don't we?

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