Career Women Beaten-Up By Career Males

Women with careers are at double risk of becoming victims of Domestic Violence.  The theory says career women 'threaten men's authority and power.'

A study at the Sam Houston University in Texas says 60% of women in a two-career household are being abused both physically and psychologically by males who are threatened by the success of their female partners.

Women surveyed reported having something thrown at them, being pushed, grabbed, shoved, slapped, hit, kicked, bitten or threatened with a gun or knife. All of these actions are a crime and are punishable by both jail and mandatory rehab programs.

Oddly, Hispanic women were less likely than their white counterparts to be abused, as were older women of all races and ethnicity.

Pay attention ladies!

Poor women are unable to extricate from a dangerous abusive situation easily. But a working women should be able to set-up shop somewhere else and later use the courts to deal with the abusers.

Do not make the mistake of thinking any abuse is a passing or small thing. Even verbal abuse is a sign of big trouble down the road. So ladies if you have careers, dump the insecure turds and protect yourselves. There is no downside to planning an escape.