Orgasm: Usually One Is Enough

But what happens when the pelvic pulsator pops just touching a toaster?

Orgasm (or the Greek Orgasmos) is best experienced in a specific setting with the one you love.  In short, with either yourself, or someone else, and always as the closing act.

Somehow a woman in England (these things always happen in England notice) contracted the disorder aptly named Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD). Sounds made up huh?

Kim Ramsey, 44, from Hitchin, Hertfordshire is tired, man. Kim is popping Big O's without provocation or pressure. An ordinary ride in a car, train, walking behind a vacuum cleaner, or pressing inadvertently against the washing machine (no spin cycle needed) brings the dreaded coital curse, one after the other - incessantly.

Ms. Ramsey's doctors guess she got this way after an accident in 2001 falling down a flight of stairs. The docs think she has a Tarlov cyst on her spine where the real G-spot is located. The situation has left her living alone and in fear of going out into public.

There may be as many as 1 in 100 with this 'problem' wandering the planet, pooped, petered-out, prostrate, played and penniless.

What is the point anyway, shouldn't Kim be joyed having 100 climaxes a day? She says no. Too much of a great thing, like ice-creme or even money can be just as bad as not having enough. Even if the 'thing' is a toe-curling, nipple-hardening, eyes-rolledback, blood-coursing contortion pinpointed in the pubic region.

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