Women: Fake Orgasms, Road Rage And Cigars

Women are an enigma.  Women wanted to be free to vote, have sex like men, drive a car, and smoke cigars.  They won, women get to do all that and more.  But what have women done with their hard fought freedoms?

A survey of 50,000 in the USA, UK, and Australia say 25% of women fake orgasm, 30% say orgasm is no problem, 27% say they have no sex at all.

About 67% of women say their guy can get fat.  But 50% of men would leave her at a bus stop for ballooning-out.

Oddly, just 44% of women want to marry compared to 70% for men.  And oh yea, 61% of women say they have had road rage compared to 56% for the males.  Thus, making women more prone to violence and less willing to tie the knot?  Isn't that wrong?

Women are also smoking more so the fairer sex has added lung cancer, heart disease, and emphysema to their exclusive disease-list risks for ovarian and breast cancer.

Congratulation ladies, after 50 years of liberation you won!