Think You Have It Tough? Think Again...

Warning: hypochondriacs and those prone to self-pity need to shut their laptops and NOT continue reading.

Ever imagine losing your hands and feet because you adopted a puppy?

Seven years ago Hannah Rinehart, 32, was declared cancer free. Two bone marrow transplants left her immune system teetering. Hannah may have beaten her cancers (yes she had two) but the tradeoff meant suppressing her immune system to the point that even harmless bacteria could kill her.

So the family kept a vigilant eye on Hannah taking extraordinary effort to sanitize her surroundings.

Then it happened, Hannah got sick, really sick. Hannah and her husband Mark had adopted a puppy and soon after bringing the bundle of joy home something went horribly wrong.

The puppy transmitted a normally inconsequential bacteria from it's saliva to Hannah.

Rushed to Northside Hospital - medical staff had to put Hannah into a drug-induced coma. During her month-long sleep, Hannah developed circulatory embolisms that required the amputation of her hands and feet.

Soon Hannah will be awakened. Of course she doesn't know...yet.