Cop Arrests Woman He Asked To Choke Him

You are the judge. You are the jury. What say you?

Port Orange, FL: Officer Michael Garay got the call on a domestic dispute between Claudia Ambroziak, 58, and her husband Joe. Soon after arriving the officer quickly figured out what happened.

The usual line of questioning led to the usual line of answers. He said, then she said, leading to she said he choked her after she kicked him first. Who kicked who is less important than who choked who. Especially if the choker is male and the chokee is female.

In a domestic violence tie the men always lose since it's presumed they are stronger and thus more dangerous.

So, if  Joe choked Claudia, Joe was going to jail. Even if Claudia did kick Joe first. Officer Garay needed to verify how the choke was choked.

‘I asked Claudia to show me how Joe choked her,’ Garay wrote in his report. ‘Claudia was able to place approximately two fingers and her thumb around the front of my neck...was able to apply pressure to the front of my neck.’

Garay immediately grabbed Claudia's hand ‘before she was able to apply any more pressure to my neck,’ cuffed and charged her with battery on a law enforcement officer.

Did officer Garay get it right? Or did officer Garay get what he asked for and had in fact entrapped Mrs Ambroziak? And what about Joe? Joe choked Claudia to start with - call me crazy but isn't that the real crime? How does Joe walk, Claudia get arrested, and the cop get a righteous arrest for something he solicited?

Submit your verdict to the police department in Port Orange, FL. Email the Angle with their response, we will be happy to print the best ones.

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