Pandemic To Strike Honolulu, LA and NYC First

MIT researchers have analyzed and now predict which airport hubs will spread a pandemic virus first.

The virus will spread in the USA from three points simultaneously, Honolulu International, LAX, and Kennedy in NYC. The volume of air traffic is not the primary factor. If that were true, Chicago O'Hare and Atlanta would trump Honolulu. The Hawaii connection arises due to it's location between Asia and LAX.

The Angle has reported on the disturbing research in Holland sponsored by the National Institutes of Health USA (NIH) and the subsequent publishing of the work detailing the creation of airborne H5N1 bird flu virus in the lab.

The pandemic will wipe out 85% of those who contract H5N1. Estimates range from between 200 million to 500 million deaths worldwide are likely. But why with all our modern medical advances can such a mass death occur? Simple. Air travel combined with an airborne virus that has an 85% mortality rate.

The first detection of the airborne version of H5N1 will no doubt occur in Asia. And when it does, if you live near the three aforementioned airports, you are doomed. The virus will already be in the air near you. And forget thinking you will escape because you are young and strong, H5N1 is an equal opportunity killer wiping out young and old in the same ferocious way.

End of the world on Friday, folks.

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