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The London Times, and the BBC are the Brit equivalent of the New York Times and NPR.  So is it a shock or surprise when Londoners eviscerate Romney over his correct statements about security at the Olympics?

Romney after all was CEO of the Olympics when it was last held in the USA.  And by all account credited with 'saving' the image of the USA as host.  Mr. Romney remember, liberals let no good-deed go unpunished..

Just to be fair lets look at Obama's presidential-pooping from the podium to gain a proper perspective.

1. Obama makes a toast talking over the top of the playing of 'God Save The Queen' which got him a sneer from the Queen herself, and a little boys spanking forcing him to retake his seat in the middle of it.

2. Manchelle Obama broke five centuries of protocol by grabbing the Queen in a bear hug shocking the old women who struggled to free herself from the surprise gesture.

3. Winston Churchill's bust was unceremoniously jettisoned from the Whitehouse and returned to the British in 2009.  The Brits asked, are you sure, to wit the Whitehouse replied: "Thanks, but no thanks."  As of today, the Whitehouse is trying to deny that the bust was sent back, but then, there it sits on a shelf in the British Embassy.  Oops.

4. Obama's hot mics and off teleprompter comments are extra special.  Obama exposed his jackass-self backstage at the last G8 talking to the now fired Sarkhozy who began, “I cannot bear Netanyahu, he’s a liar.” To this, Obama replied “You’re fed up with him, but I have to deal with him even more often than you.” 

Expect Obama to continue flubbing at the mic and sneering perched in his chair in the Oval office.  The country, really the world, has been subjected to nearly four years of the high-schooler's antics.  Zebra's don't change stripes overnight and neither will Obama.

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