Aurora Shooter Captured In Costume

Ranked the most horrific mass killer in US history shooter James Holmes, 24, was caught costumed as pictured, left.

The gunman shot 70 people, killing 12.

Holmes is clearly bat-shit crazy. Unabomber Ted Kuzinski has more in common with the looney-tunes Holmes than anyone in the Tea Party.

Holmes was an honor graduate of the UC Riverside campus. The brilliant student had just quit a post graduate Colorado medical school last month. His odd expertise was neuroscience.

Police captured the coward as he sat in his car in the parking lot less than an hour after the last shot was fired.

Holmes was in a catatonic stupor playing a 'song' droning over and over. The same song was heard blaring in his apartment in a creepy connection to his car antics.

Sadly, Holmes survived the attack.  For the next bunch of weeks the nation will be subjected to over-coverage because the media thinks the public likes to rubber-neck the 'big ones.'  And there will be years of talking heads conjecture on the life, habits, and possible motive of this sick turd.

In the end Holmes will be stuffed into the same bag as the schizo in Tuscon who shot Gabby Giffords.  And will no doubt eventually be found insane and remanded to a facility to live out his miserable remaining years in obscurity.

The screw-loose monster has been spitting on guards in jail and babbling lines from Batman movies.  Jail officials have him mugged now, and spending dark hours alone in solitary confinement - the echo of victims screams left rattling in a madman's skull.