Obama Social Security Number Bogus

Back to the 'birther' blues.  A beleaguered and disquieting doubt regarding all aspects of Obama's legitimacy persists.

Obama's draft card, school records, birth certificate and social security number labor under intrigue.  Just as Fast and Furious gun walking has become under Exec Privilege.

After two-years a private investigator in Ohio has put together a paper trail of evidence that seems pretty compelling regarding Barry's social security number.

Here is the scoop.

PI Susan Daniels began an investigation in 2009 and found that Obama has been using a SSN with the prefix “042″ since 1986. The “042″ number can only be gotten if a resident of Connecticut. Drilling down further she determined a 10 number sequence before and after Obama's were “issued 1977-1979 in CT.”

Narrowing even more she pinpointed Obama's number was issued in March 1977 in Connecticut.
Obama was a 15-year-old living in Hawaii on that date. Obama’s sister, Maya, by contrast, uses a number fitting Hawaiian residents.

Obama used the 042 number to get a driver’s license and used it again on his 2009 income tax return. Daniels has proven the 042 Obama SSN “had previously been issued to another person,” one who lived in Connecticut between 1977 and 1979, and was born in 1890.

PI Susan Daniels has filed suit to block Obama's name from the November ballot in Ohio.

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