Money For Nothing Apple Apps For Free

Russia turns out software engineers faster than the USA.  But Russia has no software industry for them to ply their trade so they turn to the dark side.

Russian hacker ZonD80 broke into the Apple iPhone in-app store setting up a 'free for all.'

iPhone owners need simply download a security certificates from the ZonD80's website and change a setting on the phone's wi-fi connection.  ZonD80 made a YouTube instruction video and Apple has already zapped the clip in a quick attempt to stop the bleed.

When Steve Jobs was around Apple often bragged they were immune to the virus attacks Microsoft Windows users have had to bear, but those days are apparently over.  Just last week it was revealed the Apple operating system, OS X is under attack by Java-based malware.

And now ZonD80 has broken into the iPhone store. Maybe folks should give the Samsung Galaxy a second look.  Apple is trying to use the court system to stop Samsung too.  The Samsung phone is said to be an iPhone killer and for now there are no Russian's that anyone knows about sniffing thru the Galaxy's guts.

Apple had a free ride for a long time.  But nothing lasts forever, not even Steve Jobs' legacy spawn.

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