Obama Jobs Outsource Double Standard

We expect Chicago politics bred Obama to beat down any opponent in a tawdry way. What genius in the Obama campaign got the fanciful idea to pick shipping jobs offshore as a target issue for Romney?

Surprise!  Leading Dems, Obama included all have major investments in funds and companies that heavily hire offshore.  The hypocrisy horrifies, but the entire exercise should remind voters why Obama has forcefully failed to make any private sector jobs or lift the economy as he promised.

Obama and his wife have $500k in the Vanguard 500 Index Mutual Fund.  The Vanguard fund is filled with fortune 500 companies that are the core of America's offshore jobs makers.  GE, Apple, IBM, Exxon, Microsoft, Chevron, and AT&T are prominent companies in the fund and all of them have hundreds of thousands of employees in China, India, Europe, Mexico, and even South America.

And the extra fun part?  Obama's darlings GM, GE and Apple primarily employ overseas.  GE pays ZERO federal income taxes.  Apple runs a China based sweat shop. And GM was resurrected by Obama using taxpayer billions as venture funding.  The disgrace that is GM continues to fester - the company still owes taxpayers $30 billion, and is building plants in Mexico and China as fast as it can.

Obama's glass house belongs to we taxpayers.  Voters will be evicting the current tenant in November just in time to make repairs.  Oh yea, Joe Biden wants Romney's tax returns - fine, when Obama gives his school records, and bone fide birth certificate, maybe we can start that conversation for real.

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