Obama Burial Urn Turns Heads

Finally, an enterprising urn company entrepreneur has figured out how to scare the bah-geezus out of mausoleum visitors.

Cremation Solutions in Vermont is using facial recognition software and 3D printers to create urns with human faces. The company says all it needs is a picture front and side of the 'occupant.'

The urn, left, was made to show-off the product. Kinda odd they chose Obama don'cha think?

Each urn is built to order.  For instance a customer may want to add a cigar (Bill Clinton), or maybe a mustard stain on the side of the mouth to get that extra 'what Dad had before his heart gave out' last meal touch.

Filling cemeteries with hundreds of 'realistic dead heads' will surely keep the living away. After all who wants to visit a park full of plastic heads...

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