Fast & Furious Still Smoldering Still Relevant

Want yet another fire to add to the weeks firestorms? Remember Obama invoking executive privilege to cover for Eric Holder's Fast & Furious document trail?

Holder lied to congress. The email proving senior DOJ officials knowledge and approval of the gun-walking tactic in Fast 'n Furious along with other key documents were 'protected' by Obama.

Even more damaging, the email was said to implicate senior DOJ officials, and Holder himself, as knowing in March 2011 that a Feb. 4, 2011 letter from the DOJ to GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley falsely denied guns were permitted to “walk” into Mexico.

The DOJ letter 'full of lies' was allowed to stand for nine more months before it was withdrawn in December 2011.

Nixon stonewalled Democrats using executive privilege. Failing that, Nixon finally released his oval office tape recordings bearing a distinct 'gap' redacting Nixon's near confession to knowledge of the break-in at Watergate offices.

The Watergate break-in was a crime, but the coverup is what ultimately took Nixon down.  History has an ugly way of repeating itself. Stay tuned.

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