Obama: 'Political Motivations' Keep Benghazi Story Alive

When the shit hits the fan it gets on everything.  And oh man is the shit getting on Obama and his cadre of libbie-minion butt-lickers now.

Four big fires are going. All self-inflicted by the Obama regime.

Obama charges 'political motivations' are keeping Benghazi story alive. Whoever thought Obama may be just in over his head should think about that comment.

The Benghazi investigation and revelations of callous disregard for the four dead, including a US Ambassador are just 'political motivations.'

Psst.  Hey Barry, the Benghazi issue isn't alive due to politics, it's alive because there's a dead ambassador to account for.   We the people want to know why you and your lackey Hillary didn't send help.  And especially why you, Hillary and Susan Rice lied to we the people blaming the deaths on opponents of Islam.

And most important of all, did you, Obama invent a narrative and delay the FBI from investigating in order to cover your rear just before the election - if so, impeachment becomes your fate, sir.

Many in the press who've been protecting Obama are now victims of Obama's wild ride in the Whitehouse.  Cool.

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