Study: Snoring Causes Cancer

Cancer's not a single disease.  A dozen diseases collectively fall into the tumor bucket.  The quest to find a 'cure' is made that much more difficult because one silver bullet will not do.

Cancer has been linked to genetic predisposition, environmental toxins, obesity, self-inflicted choices like smoking and eating bacon.

 Snoring?  Yes, snoring now fingered as carcinogenic.  How? Oxygen depletion.

Scientists now believe having low blood oxygen levels can trigger the development of cancerous tumors. The physics arise from accelerated blood vessel growth that feed the bundle of death.  And if you have sleep apnea, snore, or otherwise spend hours in a suffocating stupor of semi-sleep - you are at 5X higher risk for growing a tumor of your own.

Now not getting enough sleep is killing you.  Does it ever end?

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