Science: Gay Gene Is Discovered

The field of genetics seems to be rolling out a gene for everything from apathy to zenophobia these days.

Well, if a gene is behind your nose, baldness, obesity, homosexuality, IQ, alcoholism, liberalism, conservatism, bunions, or lack of athletic skill then you are home-free, blameless.  You can't help it, right?

A study done at the University of Padova in Italy concludes male homosexuality may be due to a gene carried by females. The study claims to spot a correlation between gay men, their mothers, and maternal aunts.

If true the solution is simple. Don't screen for gay males since they don't carry the gene themselves. Instead, ferret out the females carrying the gay gene. And apply to these liberals that which they readily apply to everyone else - abort them out of existence. Karma, baby.

But hey, the Angle doesn't make the rules, it just reports on those that think they do.

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