'F' Word Fined In Middleborough, MA

Headline: Malediction Mars Middleborough Missives Mean Monetary Mulct.

Massachusetts views itself as a 'progressive' fore-leader, but in reality, the undertone is pretentious pomposity punctuated with political correctness. 

So is it shocking a town south of Boston would view public profanation as a problem for the police force?

Business owners say they have a store full of teens and parents bellowing in a mule-skinner manner.

Former Selectwoman Mimi Duphily, “I don’t think it will solve the problem but it will make them understand what is acceptable behavior and what is not.”  Oh.  Mimi must have the book on 'acceptable behavior' - no wonder it's missing from the library.

The town’s police chief thinks a $20 ticket will deter the foul-mouthed malefactors.  Others want a hefty $100 levied.   There is no fine suggested for playing rapper music in public though...

Why stop at fines for four-letter words? How about public floggings, stonings, scarlet lettering, or a good draw-quartering?   

Salem burned them just for saying 'beelzebub'.  Certainly the town can do a burning or two in the name of the F*** and C*** word .  After all, Bob Beckel and Bill Maher are paid plenty sputtering swearwords and they are watched by hundreds.