83-Year-Old Supermodel Vogue Superstar

Some nail the gene lottery large and fascinate the rest of us growing old gracefully.

We cheer them because they are winning for the species.  And because there is something spooky about an eighty year old woman with natural skin as tight as a baby's bottom.

Meet Daphne Selfe. She can be found on the photo wall at Vogue.

Ms Selfe just agreed to pose as Madonna in her prime wearing the famous conical bra and corset from the singer’s Blonde Ambition tour.

Daphne notes the get-up is a replica but still ‘terribly unforgiving. I thought they might have done a bit of airbrushing..I’m not that brave. I once often posed nude...’

Daphne Selfe is a classic keeper, low on vanity, yet thrifty, elegant, and gifted.

‘I think it’s partly down to good genes. My mother was a livewire, she lived until she was 95. I’ve never really bothered with skin cream or anything like that...I did dye my hair at home for a while when I started to go grey in my early 40s.'

The octogenarian's advise to the current crop of females? 'Women are too sloppy these days, they simply don't look in the mirror. Leggings and skinny jeans — just dreadful!'

Daphne's kids are in their fifty's now, grandparents themselves. The idea that Daphne is still working as a model at the top of the profession is a gas. You go great-grandma!

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