Down's Syndrome Teen Wins Prom King

With screening for genetic diseases like Down's syndrome, 90% of Down's kids are terminated prior to birth.

Meet Max Jackowski who has Down’s syndrome and was not aborted.  Max beat every jock at the Lake George, New York high school to be crowned prom king. Max won by an astounding 80% of the vote.

When Max was announced as the winner the crowd jumped into standing ovation. And grinning widely was Hahnah Saroff, who singled out Max to take her to the prom. Hahnah said she sees Max as a genuine guy who is always fun to be around.

‘I’m so happy. I’m so excited,’ Max blurted out.

Max's mom, Lisa Jackowski began crying as she witnessed the outpouring of affection for her son. ‘I never imagined he’d go to prom in the first place,’ she told reporters.

Recall Obama making fun of the 'special Olympics' when complaining about his own dorky crappy inability to roll a bowling ball? Obama has already scheduled abortions for his daughters he claims - no doubt Obama would rush the procedure if they became pregnant with a Down's kid.

Max is a great guy - who also happens to have Down's syndrome. And today he is also prom king.