Snotty French Angry Over EU Reports In English

Ever since the defeat of Napoleon the French have had a problem with the English.  The goofy country, desperate to cling to their dying language has a whole agency tasked with 'keeping French pure'.  What is pure French?  Who cares.

The French are pretty full of themselves and feel inferior to an invented 'Anglo-Saxon' boogey man in Europe.  It is understandable the French would feel inferior.

The history of the country is a mess.  France fought on BOTH sides of World War II for example.  And De Gaulle never missed a chance to regularly insult the nations that bailed France out of their German death-grip.

France like Britain are both ex-empire and vaporizing.  But at least Britain is taking the decline with a bit of grace.  Not France.

The Brussels-based French-language press corps got their coiffures in a crunch over the release of the EU's annual report, why? The important work was done in ENGLISH.

In classic liberalese, a reporter for the French paper Liberation penned a sting eMail whining, "The right to be informed in one's own language about the social and budgetary sacrifices demanded by the EU executive is a minimum right."  Notice the overuse of the word 'right'.

As France skids behind Greece and Spain in the big 2012 EU crash the tiny toad-like republic fades into history. And when a country winks out like ancient Rome and Greece did, the language blinks out too - viva la see you later!